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Dukes of Hazzard

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17th July 2006

slash_me_baby8:11pm: Green Eyes of Jealousy
Title: Green Eyes of Jealousy
Author: Slash_me_Baby
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Jealous!Luke.
A/N: Might suck. Probably sucks. Still better than what I've been reduced to reading lately, though.

GreenCollapse )

15th November 2005

sway48298:46pm: I'm bored and curious so I want to know what episode or what scene or what event really made you think that Dukes, particularly Bo and Luke are slashy as hell.  Of course there is the frequent un-necessary touching and the fact that one of them always seems to have his arm around the other.  And lets not forget the skinny-dipping.  But there are some scenes that just scream slashy to me and I’m curious if anyone else has any they’d like to share.

14th November 2005

sassyinkpen2:45pm: Anyone an episode expert?
Hey there all...

I need to know if anyone here is one of those fantastic trivia minded types that can tell you just what episode so-and-so did this, or where they were when such-and-such happened?

I'm a long time fan of the Dukes, and I'm rewatching it all on DVD. But I have a lousy memory for details and it tends to blur when you've watch six or seven eps in a row.

For right now, what I need to know is this:

So many of the promo shots have the boys wearing cowboy hats...are there any actual scenes in the show where they have them on? I've looking and not finding too much so far. There's Bo's great hat in One Armed Bandits...but that's really all I've found since I started looking.

Can anyone help on this?

11th October 2005

slash_me_baby11:51am: Car Sex: Pro's and Con's
Title: Car Sex: Pro's and Con's
Author: slash_me_baby
Rating: NC-17
Summary: It sounded like such a good idea...

Car SexCollapse )

30th May 2005

slash_me_baby2:18pm: Step One Leads to Step Four
Title:Step One Leads to Step Four
Summary: The teasing, the rubbing, the handjob, the blowjob.
A/N: I really needed a good PWP, and since there are none to be found in DoH fandom, I made one myself. So there. :)

Step One Leads to Step FourCollapse )

2nd May 2005

slash_me_baby5:16pm: Strange Visitors, Ch. 1
Title: Strange Visitors, CH. 1

Author: Slash_Me_Baby

Rating: PG-13 to R

Pairing: Bo/OMC

Summary: When an old friend comes to visit Hazzard County again, things get stirred up again within the Duke clan.

Strange Visitors, Ch. 1Collapse )

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