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Dukes of Hazzard Slash
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As the title says, a place for Dukes of Hazzard slash, and yes, it is the scariest place on the 'net. :D Only good slash. You know, well-written slash.

So pretty much anything goes, any pairings/ratings/etc. Just make sure it's betaed, or spell-checked and etc. It's moderated, so if it's not any good, it's not getting in. Sorry, them's the breaks.


1. Every story goes behind an lj cut. < lj-cut > Story here, my friend < /lj-cut >

2. Basic posting format--

Subject Line: Title of Piece


Title: My Little Slash Fic
Author: Slashy_1
Rating: R
Pairing: Bo/OMC (original male character), Bo/Luke
Summary: Little bunny Bo, hoppin' through the forest... here comes Luke and bops him on the head!
Warnings: Violence, Non-con (if applicable)

3. Recs, beta advertising (looking for and/or being) are allowed. Keep icon posts/fanart and stuff like that to a minimum. After all, this is for writing fanfiction.

4. Praise and adoration? Awesome. Constructive criticism? Great! Flames? Not so much. As in, at all. Just don't.

5. Plagiarism is pretty serious, so if you have any complaints, send me and the basic information (who, what, when, where) and I'll look into both sides of the story. It won't be tolerated, and I do reply promptly to accusations, so don't make them frivolously. If I've found you have copied someone's story and posted it as your own, you will be thrown off. If I've found you've lied about someone else doing it to you, you will be thrown off.

6. Discussion about slashy elements/ideas/plot bunnies are all welcome.

That's about it--have fun, write good fanfiction, and if you have any questions/comments, send 'em to me. By the way, I also beta-read, so if you want to send me a story, go for it, and I'll help you whip it into shape.


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